I want to tell your audience a story.

Amber is a survivor of abuse and medical negligence. Today, she is a thriving autistic woman and world fitness champion. She serves as a survivor of her own circumstance navigating autism on her own; healing; and becoming a passionate advocate to motivate others and provide inspiration to end the 50% suicide rate around autism, the stigma surrounding mental health, and promote understanding and empathy.

Words of survival from an advocate

Mental health and autism understanding is deeply important pertaining to the well-being of a person that is often overlooked and not supported. Millions of Americans live with a mental illness, yet many don’t have access to the resources they need to pursue overall wellness. amber speaks to raise awareness for people living with autism, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and many other sensitivities regarding brain health and ability to function in the hopes that her knowledge and personal experience can help others.

Subject matter Amber will discuss include:

  • Intentional positivity that serves to catalyze
  • Vision—give inspiration and power to those with autism and mental health challeges
  • Resilience—exemplify leadership with information to support them, without barriers
  • Discipline—persevere through adversity and navigate change and uncertainty and transform
  • Focus—recognizing obstacles we face as assets to move through adversity, and fear so that the experience is processed with strength